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The smart inhaler:


NanoIn is a smart nanoaerosol inhaler that utilizes a cloud based system.
Our Mission

NanoIn's mission is to achieve the highest standard of Smart respiratory medicine by utilizing nanoaerosols in smart inhalers to improve medication adherence and strengthen patient-doctor relationships. We want to create a universal, comprehensive, and reliable way to treat respiratory illnesses.

Our Vision

NanoIn's vision is to revolutionize the smart inhaler market; by establishing a reliable and technology-forward take on respiratory medication administration.

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Why we use them

  • Nanoaerosols are nanoparticles suspended in a gas; they can be liquid droplets but are typically solid particles


  • Nanoaerosols have proven to be very effective in drug delivery


  • Used for targeted delivery, sustained delivery and deep lung delivery of medications and therapeutics


  • Potential to improve their quality of life and even aid in reducing deaths

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  • First mover in nanoaerosol smart inhalers

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Improves medication adherence

  • Patient centric

  • Helps build trust and strong doctor-patient relationships

  • Keeps doctors up to date on patient's medication journey

  • Improves treatment outcomes and increases chance of treatment success

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Meet the Team

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